About our company

We're a young company, but not new to the green scene, and certainly not new to asset management.

Our goal is the synthesis of over 20 years of experience in the industry with the ideas, templates, and solutions needed to drive forth a new generation of asset disposition services.

To get there, we've put in place, a strong system specializing in the areas most important to you: information security and environmental responsibility.

iTAD Solutions was formed to provide this system, keeping your overheads low, and value recovery high. All under the expressed goal of meeting your green asset management needs.

We believe secure data starts with a secure facility and have invested in the infrastructure needed to achieve this. Our warehouse and offices are under 24 hour security monitoring. During after hours, CCTV and motion detection systems deter any intrusion.

Our multiple data eradication system employs Department of Defense Level standards for the complete and irretrievable destruction of your most important asset: your company's data and information.

Our downstream recycling partners undergo a strict auditing process, ensuring the complete achievement of our zero landfill and zero ewaste exportation policies.

We give you a true management of your assets.

We've developed a new proprietary data system designed with bleeding edge technology. Now you can see your assets managed in real time. Access the disposition of any asset, and find its recovery, remarketing, or recycling status instantly. Contact one of our representatives to find out how you can start using this system today.


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About our team

At the onset of the economic recession faced by many companies today, a large gap began to form between the needs of data security, environmental responsibility, and that of shrinking departments and budgets. Being Green was a goal that was taking a back seat to rising overheads.

Our founding members sought to close this hole, and provide the stop gap solutions needed to fuse a cost-effective asset disposition program with the requirements of your IT and Environmental Policies.

When it comes to asset management, let us be your logistics manager, customer service specialist, compliance officer, green consultant, and business developer.

Our company believes in diversity -- from the makeup of our team, to the expertise and skill sets brought to the table. We don't train our professional staff to be sales-people; instead they are trained to be your one stop solution.