Asset management services

  • Enterprise Solutions We can provide free consultation on the type of asset management solution that would be best for your company. Choose from cost-effective recycling solutions, to full asset disposition reporting, and value recovery programs. We are experts in IT equipment, but are specialized enough to handle more complicated assets such as Biotech and lab equipment.
  • asset disposition Every piece, every serial number, every asset is captured. All Asset Tags are recorded and destroyed. If you choose our full reporting suite services, you will receive a detailed account of the asset, its detailed makeup (ie serial numbers, asset tag number, make, model, etc), and finally, its end disposition: (recycled, resold, etc).
  • Value Recovery We specialize in refurbishing, remarketing, and reselling your equipment for maximum return value. We have built a strong customer sales network for the past 15 years, with channels nationwide.


  • logistics and planning Site to site transportation, palletization, deinstallation, pull-downs, nationwide logistics. Our professional team can come to your door with minimal disruption to your business. We can also offer onsite asset capturing services.
  • Green Event ManagementOur staff is highly skilled in helping you set up special projects, programs, and events to help your employees be more aware of their Green practices, and gain publicity for the important work you do.



Data security services

  • hd aSSET dISPOSITION cAPTUREKnow exactly where your data is at all times, and what it's end disposition is (ie. Destroyed, Degaussed, Eradicated, etc).
  • Advanced data destructionOur proprietary system eradicates multiple HD units at a time allowing faster sanitization of your hard drives, all using the latest Department of Defense 5220.22-M compliant methods. We run each hard drive 3 times through this process.
  • HD Destruction and eradication Auditing Ten percent of hard drives from each job are selected at random and undergo an independent auditing process to verify that all data is eradicated and irretrievable.
  • Onsite asset capture and hd destructionDoes your security policy allow that no data is taken off company premises? We can provide onsite data destruction in the form of DOD wipes, degaussing, and basic destruction


environmental services

  • Reinvesting your equipment Did you know the US EPA recommends the reuse of all IT equipment if possible before recycling it? The benefits of reuse are exponentially more effective. Reusing one computer for example, saves over 500 lbs of carbon based fuels from having to be expended and removes nearly 50 lbs of chemicals that would have been processed. Our team of technicians and scientific refurbishers are experts in adding the value back in your obsolete equipment so they can be reused and remarketed at its highest potential. This increases your environmental commitment as well as your bottom line.
  • Responsible Recycling At iTAD we believe a zero landfill policy and a zero ewaste export policy are just the foundations of a sound environmental strategy. We also demand the strictest policies from our downstream partners as well.
  • Downstream 3 point auditing First we investigate their status with local, state, and governing agencies such as the DTSC and EPA, in addition to CUPA and CIWMB. Second, we perform a full systems audit, tracking where each asset is, and the process it goes through. Finally, we investigate the downstream they use, and the status of the final end of life disposition.
  • Responsible sales practices We give preference to local buyers and traders. When a project or a client necessitates us to go beyond US Borders, we do so under strict EPA, and CA DTSC guidelines. When we do work with overseas groups, we will only ship working, usable IT equipment. Our pledge is to: NEVER EXPORT EWASTE.
  • The Legacy programIn addition to all of our other services, we help you answer the question of what you are leaving behind. We can provide you with carbon footprint analytics to determine the impact your program is making in terms of overall sustainability.
  • Legacy partnersWould you like your value share to be returned in the form of carbon credits that could be used to offset your company's overall carbon quota? We work with a number of partners that could make that a possibility.Would you like to set up value recovery to go back into the community or into a charitable fund? Our staff has the experience and our programs have helped in raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to local bay area charities in the name of our clients.